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Is Life Without Risk Living?

Is Life Without Risk Living?

Back in 2008 when I quit my job as a news anchor on KEZI and ran for Secretary of State, I understood life in a rut was not really living and in order to live I had to accept an unlimited amount of risk.

Safe is so intoxicating many of us trade a false sense of security for a life filled with adventure.

We just finished watching the series with Same Elliott called 1883.

It takes you back to when pioneers gave up everything to find a new life in a place called Oregon.

As the first series wraps up the family finds it’s home in “The Paradise Valley” which is near where our son lives and a place that is one of the most beautiful place on earth. (Montana)

This show gives you an idea of what people really gave up, some their lives, in the search for something better.

I can’t help but find a little of our story, in this story.

Oh, what we’ve done is nowhere near as dangerous but times are different and few of us will ever know what it means to face death in order to find a dream.

It would be easy to get all frustrated by the current economic and social uproar in our nation right now. Times are tough and probably going to get worse before they get better.

I wonder if God is giving us an opportunity to find a better way of living.

No, not a reset as cultural monitors try to preach.

I’m talking about a chance to stop being lazy and letting the world decide how we live and instead We risk everything and tell the world how it’s going to be.

When you get away from the familiar and into the wilderness things no longer intoxicate you it is nature and simplicity that steal your attention.

In the series 1883 the main character, a young woman, lives on the edge and then some.

At one point Sam Elliott says “she’s lived more life in 18 years than most of us live in 60.”

It’s hard leaving what you know to recreate something different in a foreign place.

Things have to die to make room for something new.

But we as individuals and as a group are powerful, way more powerful than the cultural monitors and so-called leaders want us to understand.

I read online where the City of Springfield scrapped a plan for round-abouts because the community got together and said “Hell No.”

I can’t tell you how good that made me feel.

Oh, I don’t care about round-a

bouts but the fact that people got upset enough to really get involved and fight, thrills the hell out of me.

We are the people and we have power and should have more power to dream and create a new life than we understand.

And when culture tries to drive the bus we need to show them the door and grab the wheel.

Life without risk isn’t really life at all.

It’s existence and no one really wants to live that way.

So don’t.

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