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How Honest Do You Want Me To Get?

Living Every Moment

There’s a temptation in life to restrict anything that knocks at your door if you can’t explain it or understand it.

I think that’s a big mistake.

Kathy and I are coming home today after spending two weeks in Oregon some work, some pleasure. There are defiantly things we miss about the place.

But each time we come back we realize Oregon is not our home.

You can love something and not want to live there.

Last night at dinner in an historic town called Wallace, Idaho, we talked about all the places we had been the past two weeks.

I’m thinking about all the people I met.

My life is my story. I can restrict the pages and narrative to something that makes me comfortable or I can allow those pages to fill with the unknown.

I can edit out hard times, awful moments and depressing truths and end up with a story acceptable to culture but one that no one wants to read.

More importantly, when I sanitize my life I risk boring myself right into the grave.

I have a list a mile long of things I need to get done this week. When you own your own business, the cost of taking time off is brutal. No one does your job while you are away it’s all there waiting for you when you get back. LOL

I want to live each moment in the present and stop worrying about the future. A friend recently asked me a great question. He said to me “What are you most afraid of?”

I realize the answer is embarrassing. I’m afraid of failing. Just saying those words out loud took away the power and the fear. I had a successful career as a television news anchor, quit in 2008 to run for public office and failed. I started a television show, then a video podcast both have done well but censorship makes it very challenging.

We used to do a travel show for Toyota. We were hired to do a travel show for a Sprinter Van company, the pandemic killed both projects.

In all honesty I thought my life was going to look different than it does.

What facing that fear did for me is made me understand it really doesn’t matter.

It all boils down to fear of what people think of me and that is none of my business.

When my life is over I’m not gonna care what anyone said about Rick Dancer.

What’s going to matter is how much I lived while I was here.

Maybe the thing God looks at in the end is not what you did but how you did it?

He gives us this big, beautiful life to play with and we reduce it to how much we make, what we own and what people think of us.

I bet that makes Him really sad.

Wouldn’t you want your children to make the most out of what you prepare for them?

Wouldn’t you want them to get off the fence, stop worrying about what people think, and go live large?

Every moment matters and what the audience says or how it reacts, really doesn’t matter in the end.

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2 comentários

For me it is the truth and honesty always, as my Lord and savior demands it from me. That being said, if I do not want to answer a question that might be hurtful to an individual I simply say, "I don't have anything I want to add at this point" or "I really don't think that's any of my business", or that's a matter of personal taste" or " I see that issue differently" or the like. I am being honest and truthful without being hurtful and if folks want to go further and press the issue, I will tell them how I see things from my perspective. - M


Be as honest as you wish. Remember this...there is a fine line between truth and honesty. You can be honest without telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth without bein own statement copied from no one

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