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Fall, A Time For Things To Die

Fall, A Time For Things To Die

I’m sitting a church.

I think I’m in my mid thirties.

I was going through a rough patch, really rough.

KEZI was out to fire me.

To me it felt like the world was imploding.

A woman sitting behind me taps me on the shoulder and says “God wants you to know He is pruning you this Fall so in the Spring new life will be born in you.”

This woman had no idea what was going on in my life.

It felt like God was kissing me on the cheek, to let me know while things would not “get better” immediately, there was a plan.

With all the headlines of despare remind yourself there is a plan.

When haters come on the attack remember they are afraid, living in hopelessness, because they have nowhere to place that burden but on themselves.

When leaves start to die their most beautiful display of color is the result, yet they are falling (dying).

The nakedness of Winter will come but so will the new leaves of Spring and the splendor of Summer.

Perhaps the best way to come to peace with the death of things is to remind ourselves, death is part of the process and death makes room for new and more sturdy things to grow.

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Rick, I don't live where you used to live, but I have fam there so visit quite often. I loved watching you on TV there. Just want to confirm what that woman told you, and say that as great as you were on that small screen, what you are doing now is far more important and particularly so as you are more able (and willing) to give God credit He deserves for what He is doing in your life. Follow the call. Live the plan. Reap the reward. It's eternal. (Trust this ol' lady - she's ahead of you on that road by a mile or so!)

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I agree with the lady who made the previous comment. Stay your course. I also would like to say that I appreciate your transparency. You pretty much put yourself out there- the struggles as well as the victories. For me, this is refreshing in a time where there is so much posturing.

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