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Don't Allow them to Intimidate You

Updated: Jan 27

Don’t Let Them Intimidate You.

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Can you see it?

Off in the distance an army of regular people like you and me standing up for what they believe in.

My friends it’s happening all over the world.

People are tired of the lies, the inaccuracies and the agenda’s of self righteous groups who care about one thing….their religion.

Let me explain with a story.

There’s a story of a village of wooden toys that come to life.

They each have stickers to place on each other when someone does something right or something wrong.

The problem is “right and wrong” has been so warped few really know the difference.

But one toy, a wooden girl, doesn’t care what people think of her.

When people try to put good or bad stickers on her, the don’t stick.

You see the stickers only stick if you let them.

That is the basis for one of my favorite stories by author Max Lucado.

But what this story also tells us is not only should we pay little attention to the bad marks from people but we should learn to not need the good stickers either.

Right now in Germany, farmers are blocking roads, protesting new rules that will limit how much they can grow.

Germany is one of the most environmentally sensitive farming countries, but even that is not good enough for the religious of which I speak.

Oh, you won’t see this on the news.

It doesn’t line up with the message of the decade so this story must be told by those brave enough to not care about the labels given for speaking and telling the truth.

One of the farmers in the interview said some great things:

They (you know who they are) have no power if you don’t give them any.

They will try to box you into a group by calling you names. This is what the less intelligent tend to do to avoid those darn facts that reveal their ignorance.

So if you are called names for standing up simply ignore them.

Who cares?

Culture is even tiring of backstabbing and labels.

If you don’t care it won’t matter.

I am convinced from doing lives on TikTok that involve people of all walks of life, from all over the world, that most of us want real answers not slogans and feel good legislation that in the end is highly destructive.

We don’t care who you worship, how you worship, whether you hang left, right, middle or nowhere.

What we do care about is each other and finding solutions we can all live with.

No one likes a bully.

So stop allowing them to bully you and even more important, don’t put up with them bullying others on life’s playground.

We can stop this.

And we can start something much better.

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In everything I do I only answer to my Lord God. I must only please Him and live by His Word. Say what you will about me, it only matters that I follow and please Him. I will stand strong, like the oak with it's roots deep in the stream of living waters, against all that would defame Him or His Word. - M

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