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Debt Crushes Our Freedom

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Debt Crushes Our Freedom

On our podcast is a guest who believes debt is the real crusher of freedom in the United States today.

He lives debt free and because of that is able to do what he wants. What he wants to do, and is doing, is buying the freedom of slaves in Pakistan.

It’s an amazing story that has my mind spinning with ideas.

The last three years opened and closed a lot of minds and eyes.

For me, it is an awakening of the most inconvenient kind.

Freedom means more to me now than anything.

You value what you lose.

When you can’t write exactly what you want for fear of censorship, the definition of freedom changes.

As it pertains to debt, what my friend Albert Roy proposes is earth shattering.

Living debt free won’t just happen.

You have to plan and then just do it.

And the world will not like it.

Our system is built on you and me owing The Man.

And most of us, if we take time to think about it, are in debt up to our necks or higher.

Can you imagine if you didn’t have a house, car or any other monthly payment, how much less tied to “The Man” you’d be?

Yeh, you’d still have bills, but those bills would be so much more manageable.

It is Alberts belief, and he has scripture to back him up, that it is “God’s Will” that we not be indebted to anyone.

If we are, like the people in Pakistan, we are slaves to those we owe.

There is something freeing about just thinking in terms of debt free living.

Yeh, it won’t be easy but like everything, once you get the hang of it I bet you sleep better and worry less.

Oh, yeh, worry is another thing God tells us not to do.

Could all of this really be connected?

I highly suggest you listen to tonights podcast.

Soak it in and just let your soul play with the idea long enough to scare you.

Plus, find out what Albert is doing and how, in his life, the Bible is coming alive.

The dude is living just like Abraham, Paul and Jesus.

Debt crushes our freedom….Hum.

Using our resources to set people free…..sounds like a blast.

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