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A Pause On Development in Montana?

We The People: Apathy Is Killing Us.

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry & Fairway Independent Mortgage Helena

Our apathy is killing us.

We think the government is in charge of us when in fact we are supposed to be in charge of them.

We elect them and they are to represent us.

We’re going to have this discussion that will make some of you very uncomfortable. It will happen on our Get Real with Rick Dancer broadcast tonight at 5pm (PT).

We’ll focus on some big questions in Montana with a local expert but what we talk about is not confined to the “Treasure State.”

The same thing is happening all over this country.

We need to talk about this stuff.

We need to be more involved.

We need to put the horse back in front of the cart.

Come join the conversation, tonight.

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