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No Debate, No Argument, Ignore

The other night I was producing a live video and a troll came on to try to take over the conversation.

It asked me about the latest conviction in the January 6th controversy but I politely said “I think this is something we probably shouldn’t discuss, let’s move on.”

Oh, that wasn’t good enough. This troll immediately starts labeling and calling me names. It began drawing incorrect conclusions but it didn’t matter, this troll didn’t care and certainly wasn’t out to be educated or discuss anything. My audience was getting pissed at the person but I simply ignored it.

I’d see a comment come up with its name on it and move passed, not even reading what it was trying to say.

The person got meaner, nastier and refused to stop for a good ten minutes.

However, when you stop feeding the trolls and their attention is no longer controlling the conversation, they go away.

Later I got home and some guy from back in Oregon wrote an inappropriate, very mean comment on a picture I posted. I responded back and then thought about it for a minute. Instead of taking the bait I simply erased his comment and mine from my page.

I remember a day when we used to be able to talk with people who disagreed with us. I think we still can and in a few weeks plan to bring a few such folks on the show to have, not a debate, but a discussion. My hope is we can each offer our point of view and then leave it. I don’t need to convince anyone my ideas are right and they should be able to give me the courtesy to do the same. I’m not interested in being swayed to the “right” side. LOL.

People who think like I do have bit our tongue, in the name of getting along, for far too long.

That is one of the things we love about Montana. There are very different points of view here, just like everywhere else. But you can still believe what you choose and allow others the courtesy to do the same. Unlike Oregon that live and let live attitude is built into the culture.

Oh, the “element” of conversation owners is slowly seeping its way into the area but for the most part, I hope, those who move here are doing so to escape the “we are more right than you mindset”, not start it in a new place.

I understand why people in Montana get concerned with the influx of people. That “cultural control” is like a residue that slips in silently and before you know it starts to make wrong sound right and right sound wrong.

Now, don’t get the idea that because I’m not up for debate or argument that an open discussion is out of the question. I’m in. But what I won’t do is entertain those who somehow need to convince me they are right because that’s not a discussion that’s indoctrination and I have no interest in that at all.

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Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey
May 26, 2023

You moved to a state where the majority of people agree with your political views, you didn't move to some bastion of free thought.

Zooey Zephyr sure didn't experience the "live and let live" Montana you're talking about. Trans minors and their families might also take issue with your stance.

Way to call your troll an it, by the way. Conservative compassion at it's finest.

Nothing shows how composed and mature you are than by following up your fairy tales about respecting other people's views with directly dehumanizing a person that disagreed with you.

You know, you sure act a lot like someone who is trying to convince people you are right. I submit your entire blog as evidence.


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
May 26, 2023
Replying to

Says someone who wants to remain anonymous


May 26, 2023

It is sad that bullies demand that we either agree with them or they will "punish" us. They demand the freedom of speech but do their best to deny that right to those who disagree with them. Keep up the great work and remember that there are those of us who may not always agree with all of your ideas but we support you and look forward to hearing your thoughts each day!!

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