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You Must Remind Yourself

You Must Keep Reminding Yourself!

There are a lot of good people in the world.

It seems the nasty ones are the loudest and require the most attention but when you boil it all down, the good people seem to prevail.

Yesterday I wrote an article that struck some in our tiny community the wrong way. I knew it would but I also knew what they were doing was wrong and I’m not gonna stand around and be silent while they try to destroy someone’s life.

Online the fingers were tapping and anger flying like a high school drama.

And yes, I admit I was typing along with them.

Our town has its biggest community celebration called “Fall Fest” this weekend.

Kathy and I met some friends from Oregon, who are also moving here, for some beers.

The place was packed. People were happy. Folks were laughing and no one was chatting about the controversy of the day.

We do need to stand up for what we believe but once we’ve made our point wouldn’t it be nice if we could lay that aside and toast a few beers together?

The world used to be like that and I hope we can return to that civility soon.

I’ve talked with professional therapists who say much of this reaction we see right now is PTSD and it’s the result of the lockdowns and fear over the virus.

Maybe next time, I pray to God there is never a “next time”, our leaders get the bright idea of locking down society, they remember the residual impact it has had on all of us.

In the end you must keep reminding yourself the good people out number the others.

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In our travels and among our clients for furniture repair and refinishing over the past 44 years, we can still count on two hands the nasty folk we have met or delt with. Really, the nastiest seem to be the angry bullies that are tapping on their computers in anonymity. - M

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