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What Is A Woman?

What Is A Woman?

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For years, living in Oregon, we heard a lot about pro-choice, equal rights and diversity of opinion.

But over the past ten years that seems to have changed.

People who claim to be pro-choice really aren’t for choice for everyone.

Same goes for equal rights. It’s not rights for all its rights if you agree with them.

And diversity of opinion? Hell no.

There’s one line and you’d better tow it or to hell with you.

The new documentary by Matt Walsh is pushing all the buttons I mentioned above plus the choose kindness one. LOL.

It’s a documentary called “What is a woman?” and as a former journalist I’ll you this is fair and well done. Matt interviews both sides and pushes hard, really hard for answers.

Like any story you will get what you want out of it. If you lean too far one way or the other the outcome will be predictable. But if you are “open-minded” a “Critical Thinker” or someone who cares about “The Truth” you will appreciate this.

In a world where noise and the squeakiest wheels seem to gain all the attention, the hollers from activists don’t seem to be scaring people away from the film. It’s garnered hundreds of millions of views.

I highly recommend you take a look. You will find it on Twitter under DailyWire.

It’s 1.5 hours of your time, well spend, finding out what’s really going on.

PS. The women at “The View” aren’t gonna like this one.

I would like to hear how they answered the question though….

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1 Comment

Jun 07, 2023

My son just loaned me Walsh's book entitled "What Is A Woman" this morning. It will be interesting to see what he says.

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