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We Live In Exciting Times

We Live In Exciting Times

A lot of things in life right now are up in the air.

If you pay too close attention it can scare the hell out of you.

It seems to me the world is in a state of delusion.

The worst thing we can do is fall into that state of mental disfunction and instead remind ourselves what it true, really true.

For decades people have grown complacent and uninvolved.

While that’s still an option I find fewer people willing to sit back and just “Take it.”

And to me that is an exciting time to be alive.

The more weird things become the more likely we are to wake from our sleep.

When conditions are mildly delusional, as it’s been for the past few decades, society gives great berth to crazy because it doesn’t really impact us so we can ignore it.

But when the crazy turns insane people start to wake up and right now, to this writer, a great awakening is underway.

It is good to stay informed and take in many sides of a debate/argument.

I’m big, and used to be bigger on compromise but find that to be less of an option as the delusion grows deeper and wider than ever.

When people who’ve been mostly silent begin to awaken the message holders become enraged.

That is to be expected and while firmness is warranted, so is kindness and a reminder that this too shall pass.

I find I must remind myself that bullying is a technique aimed at silencing people saying things that go against the grain.

You have to remember there are many people who feel the same way you do and it’s okay to disagree with people, in fact it’s just a part of life.

The answers are found in fair, productive, non-reactive conversation.

Creating a platform for such intercourse is the tough part.

All participants must agree to open dialog not cross examination or indoctrination.

I had a guy who recently wanted to have a discussion on a certain issue.

I could tell from the get-go this was not a conversation but he was out to convince me he is right and I am wrong.

I declined to get involved which brought scorn and anger on his part.

That’s okay.

Sometimes the best way to clearly see what is going on is to step away for a bit.

What we’ve found moving to Montana is the situation is not a bad as it seems.

Oh, we’re concerned and speaking up and out but the things that matter most are the same as they always were it’s giving yourself a chance to rediscover what is true verses what is a delusion.

Yep, we live in exciting times.

Are you willing to be part of it?

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What I have found is that the bullies tend to live off the hard work of those they are bullying and that they are fewer in number than we think. If you stand up (singularly or in a group) and are strong, they usually are cowards at heart and either hush up or hunt for easier marks. - M

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