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Want Good Credit, Why? UNBELIEVABLE

Wheat from the Chaff

I’m appalled by the new rule our president has come up with to reward those with bad credit and penalize those with good credit when it comes to buying a home.

It makes me even more angry when he tries to hang it on race.

Shame on him.

By penalizing those with FICO credit over 740 and charging them an extra 1% on their mortgage payment the president and his “crew” are adding $14,000 dollars to a 30 year mortgage on a $400,000 dollar home.

On flip side the president is giving people with credit lower than 640 a 1.75% break.

What sense does that make?

How is that going to encourage good behavior, proper spending habits and a better more fair America.

We’ve lost our ability to dream and I blame apathy, laziness and a government that seeks to take away our will to do so, as they make dependence of “them” more and more tempting.

We have young people who have little hope and the statistics show they are the first generation that will probably do worse than their parents.

How does this help?

They want to call it equity but that’s a lie.

We fail to look at the big picture.

Our leaders would rather us paint by the numbers they give us than have us create our own work of art.

They coddle poor choices and bad behavior and wonder why we’re in the place we are in.

For some reason they want to create our dependence on them which is just one more way of taking away our freedom.

Why? Control.

I was listening to a podcast the other day called “Modern Wisdom” with Chris Williams. He’s not a right or left wing guy he’s a questioner and a critical thinker.

He was speaking with a successful businessman who said it’s easier now than ever for someone who chooses to work hard, to become successful. The reason: so many people don’t want to do the hard work. The more entitled people become the easier it is for hard workers to succeed. The bar is low giving people who want to work the edge.

But our president and his supporters seem to want to take away the will of human beings to work hard.

As rulings and decisions by our leaders become more obvious as to their goal I do believe God is separating the wheat from the chaff. He is drawing dark lines between good and evil, right and wrong and truth and lies.

Some are blinded by choice or ignorance and others ignore what is obvious out of arrogance.

For those who choose to see, or can’t help but notice, be thankful and speak out.

As we learned from the “COVID Years” the key to rising above all the BS is to “Fear Not.” Fear is a tool used to gain control and silence the objectors. But what we’ve seen on the right, left and middle is, many of us refuse to succumb to their tactics and with each “Crazy” new rule another lie is exposed.

We live in scary times but we also live in times of great opportunity.

They key is will we listen to them or that still small voice that tells us the rest of the story?

I choose the later.

I will not comply.

I choose to live in freedom.


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1 comentário

Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
24 de abr. de 2023

I worked dang hard to get an excellent score, rebuilding from a poor one that ex left me with.. This is not only unfair but wonder if it’s really legal.. I’m so sick of this shit show.

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