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Too Shy? Not In Rural America

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& Douglas Timber Operators

Too Shy? Probably Not

We walked up to the counter to order a beer at “Too Shy Brewery” In Roseburg, Oregon.

The woman with a kind smile looks at us and says “I follow you two on your journey’s and love what you do.”

Then she proceeded to talk about specific places we had been.

Sometimes people say they follow you but are just being kind, which is fine.

But it’s fun when you learn people really do.

Too Shy Brewery is a cool spot really close to the I-5 freeway.

The beer is great, the service typical rural Oregon and the friendliness scale a 12.

Roseburg is one of Oregon’s great little towns.

When I ran for Secretary of State in 2008 Douglas County was one of my favorite places to campaign. People here tell you the truth, respect honesty and don’t hide behind angry eyes or trouble hearts.

It was and probably still is a logging town.

We’re here to go shoot a story today on the day and life of a logger.

We had some difficulty setting this one up.

I won’t go into details but the first one fell through.

Mark and Katie Jones quickly got on the phone and found a third generation logger to be my star.

The logger just happens to have the last name “Dancer.”

When your last name is “Dancer” you don’t meet a lot of people who have that name.

It’s not like “Smith” or “Jones”, sorry Mark and Katie, so chances are Pete and his boys are somehow related to me.

We made a reservation at one hotel but decided to change it to another. The “Elmers” just happens to be across the street from our motel.

While at the brewery, one of our clients, Douglas Timber Operators, walked over and started talking with us. In small town America that’s just how it works.

Kindness is making a comeback in America. Oh, maybe in the big cities it will take more time, I don’t know. But in rural America waving, saying hi and welcoming a stranger is still part of the fabric that make up these little towns.

The Brewery may be “Too Shy” but the people certainly are not.

Next stop: Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon.

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Love our small rural Wallowa county here in Eastern Oregon where, "most everybody knows your name" (to the tune from Cheers). Index finger up from the steering wheel and look at the other driver with a smile as you pass by 🤠👆. - M

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