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The Marble Man...Sometimes You Must Lose Yours, To Find Them

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry & Alvord Taylor Endless Possibilities

There is a legend of an artist who found the secret to the most beautiful shade of red. No one could match it. Oh, they tried but upon the artists death they learned the secret to this vibrant color.

There was an old wound over his heart. This revealed the secret to the source of this unmatchable hue.

The lesson learned is no great achievement can be made, no lofty goal attained, without the cost of the hearts blood.

"Streams in the Desert." Nov. 7th

The man you will meet tonight on our podcast is proof of such a story.

His early years were unkind, filled with the kinds of things most of us can related to.

One day he discovered, through the kindness of a glassblower, the art form that has caused his heart to bleed.

Glass, ironically, has given him a clearer vision of his world, the world around him and a life of happiness rather than turmoil.

Oh, he, like all of us, still has those hard days but now he know what to do with them.

The video podcast will be released at 5pm pacific time. Share it with you page and your friends.

I guarantee it will inspire you.

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