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The Deep,Dark,Lines Are Drawn

Drawing Deep, Dark, Lines

I believe we as a people are being put to a test.

We’ve degraded our society so much lines need to be drawn between good and evil, truth and lies and right and wrong.

The slippery slope we created has no backbone.

Facts don’t add up.

Sweet, sappy slogans no longer hold our attention and all they have to try to hold it together now, is force. If you are asking who are “they” it might be you.

But we are American’s and force doesn’t work.

Oh, we can be sweet-talked into compliance….for awhile but the end of the rope is still the end of the rope.

I’m not a very trusting guy and I’m shocked that we let it get to this point but people are basically lazy and thrive on easy answers and we’ve been given a load of crap and seem to be finally realizing poo is poo no matter how you sugar coat it.

I believe God is drawing, deep, dark, permanent marker type lines between good and evil.

There is no room for fence sitters it’s either right or wrong…period.

Culture doesn’t like those who go agains the grain.

That’s how censorship comes into play.

Now even that control is waining so seekers of the lies will stoop to force.

We watched them successfully manipulate an entire world during the dark time.

We showed them how far we would let them go and now they will push further.

My hope is they push too hard and Democrats, Independents, Republicans and Libertarians push back.

We elect people whose tongues drip with lies and half-truths.

We’ve lowered our standards to allow ourselves to think these candidates are the best we’ve got?

God’s lines are not culturally moveable.

He does not negotiate with Sin, never has, never will.

Conditions will probably get more stupid before this is over.

That scratching of your head when you see a headline and wonder “how in the hell did we get here” won’t go away.

But the power behind the message will.

This too is gonna pass.

Unfortunately the damage done to relationships, family and right and wrong probably won’t.

Hang on because it’s far from over.

Keep your eyes open for the deep, dark, lines of God and be willing to step on the correct side.

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4 opmerkingen

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
30 apr. 2023

A nice, well thought out theory. Keep in mind that all religions don't have what you call "Christian Values." Most other religions (Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) don't accept Christ as their Savior. Therefore the term "Christian Values" should be interchanged with something like "Righteous Values." I hope you see where I'm coming from. Thoughts?

Reageren op

Yes, one could use "Righteous values" in that thought train. I was keeping my thoughts in a historical context, as the value system that the Founding documents were based on largely came from the instructions found in the Bible. Christianity was the prevailing faith and the Crown allowed for "denominations" within the Orthodox faith. The Founders and the colonies they represented were generally either Christian or of a Deist nature. Other faiths such as the ones you mentioned were discouraged and were suppressed by the Crown of England. Freedom of religion and a knowledge of God was very important to the Founders as evidenced in many of their writings, but in the creation of the various founding documents (Declaration of…


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
30 apr. 2023

I know my opinion will not be popular with your base, Rick - but you have heard of separation of Church and State, haven't you?

I believe in God, but there are many good reasons that God and Jesus have no place in matters of Government.

Reageren op

Mr. Gilbert;

I am not looking for a debate, as I recognize we see things fairly differently. I will offer, however, a response to your statement or question. If you are referring to a state sponsored religion, then I would whole heartedly agree. It is the main reason the Pilgrams fled the old world of church/state to establish a new world where freedom to worship and Christian principles could be employed in the fair governance of people. I believe that this was the beginning of the foundations of our government and was what made us so blessed.

So, flash forward a bit with me. Shortly before America declared independence, John Adams wrote, “Religion and morality alone ... can establish the…

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