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The Boy In The Back of the Room

The Boy in the Back of the Room

God often places the most unlikely messengers in our lives but I wonder that we aren’t so busy trying to figure things out that we miss the whisper.

Kathy and I are headed back to Oregon for our son Jake’s wedding. In preparation I’m putting together shows to air while gone.

I have stories/videos I produced back in my KEZI days and from our time doing Exploregon and our TV show.

They’ll be airing next week and the week of the 19th.

The week in the middle we’re taking a break.

Looking back through the archives gives me room to see the path of my life. It turns pages in my past and if I listen and take the time to be still, I see the hand of God leading me to the very place I am today.

Tabitha Compton at Compton Family Wines in Philomath is one of the sponsors of our video podcast. She said to me recently you should tell the stories of people who inspire you.

The young man I’m talking about in the video is one such person who comes to mind.

I’ve always felt so comfortable with people who experience life from an altered point of view.

That can be folks who experience a disability of one kind or another or people who find themselves in tough circumstances such as a bad upbringing or

serving time in prison.

Christopher, the boy I spoke of in the video, is someone I will never forget. He read my mind as if God himself was speaking and Christopher a mere speaker for my creators message.

How did this boy know my life was going to change drastically?

His blank stare was not one of arrogance. It was a matter-of-fact message from the heavens above.

As Kathy and I were riding our mountain bikes around the Canyon Ferry Ponds yesterday it felt so right to be here. Our move gives us distance from our past and a new road with which to build our future.

As I thought about what Tabitha said I remember Christopher and wonder what happen to him?

We have one life to live as these mortal beings. The next one will be much different.

I want to live this one well.

I want to make room for the Christophers God sends my way.

I don’t want to miss a thing.

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