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The Blindness and Hypocrisy is Numbing

The Blindness Is Numbing

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So now our sitting president is caught using alias’ and his son, whose business dealings the president says he knew nothing about but did, is indicted.

And Biden won’t comment on it.

Some people in our country are so blind or embarrassed that they voted for Biden, they can’t seem to see what’s going on.

They hate Donald Trump so much they can’t see the candidate they support is at least as bad if not worse.

And who suffers for this blindness? All of us.

The other night I was doing a live show, not talking about politics because we rarely do that anymore, and some guy asked why I left Oregon. I believe in telling the truth so said my wife and I couldn’t live under the tyranny of former governor Kate Brown. We also could not live in ignorance any longer.

Now, two years out, it’s all proven to be true.

Covid, the over reaction, the lies and the damage done to our kids, our neighbors and each other.

None of it needed to happen.

The guy, is not the guy in the video I posted, he was just commenting.

As soon as I said that he wrote back calling me names. He said I was a MAGA.

Why is that the only answer the left seems to have when you disagree with them?

It’s so stupid it’s laughable. It’s so ignorant and these are the very people who have no facts but sure as hell want you to come up with some to back your opinions. And when you do, I stopped playing their game long ago, they belittle your sources but somehow theirs, legacy media, are find. LOL.

But the conversation didn’t stop there. The guy went onto say if I agreed that the 2020 election wasn’t rigged he’d let me believe what I wanted. WTF? You think you have the right to LET me believe anything? I have no opinion on the 2020 election in terms of rigged but that’s not even the point. It’s narcissistic, arrogant and plain messed up that anyone thinks they can put out an ultimatum like that.

What I’m finding is as Joe Biden and his family begins to show their true colors the rhetoric and deflection from the progressives will get worse. How does one admit to making such a huge mistake that’s cost all of us so much? How does one hate one man so much that you can’t even see you are being taken to the cleaners by another?

2024 will be interesting. Hold tight and be ready for a whole new pack of lies.

Blindness is numbing but don’t let it rip you apart.

Keep fighting.

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