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Take Time To Notice People

Take Time To Notice People

Sponsored by Alvord Taylor: Endless Possibilities

There are plenty of lonely people in the world.

I hear it everyday in the voices of those who feel they have no voice.

We moved to Montana and I have my moments of loneliness.

What would it take for us to pay less attention to what we need to get done and more attention to what those around us are saying.

One of our clients is Alvord Taylor an organization that works with people with different abilities.

We are trying to educate the general public about how to treat these amazing folks with a video series.

The video at the top is our second production.

But for me the idea goes far beyond just a group of people.

It’s a reminder to me that I don’t know what the man or woman walking down the street is experiencing and perhaps a smile, a friendly wave or a “Good morning’ might change their day or at least make it less lonely.

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Remember to give that "rural driver wave" and a smile as you pass your fellow motorist or pedestrian. - M

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