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Still Standing: Move Against The Grain.

Move Against The Grain.

As I look at the headlines for the morning I notice there sure are a lot of people trying to tell us what to think.

Why do “they” get to define the story?

Who gave them the okay to determine what’s right and what is wrong?

I love this picture of a little old house in the middle of the valley that leads to Townsend Montana.

It has withstood the test of time.

Think of all the stories this place could tell.

Babies born, grandparents who died.

I’m sure a newspaper sat on the kitchen table or an announcer spoke over the old radio in the corner of the living room, spilling out headlines and forecasts of things happening or things to come.

People always had to digest information and sift through what was real from what is fiction.

The difference today, as “I” see it, is media is much more savvy in its approach and has lost its ideal of telling us all sides of a story and allowing us to decide right from wrong.

Another problem “I” see is many have lost their ability to discern and allow others to define truth.

I see where George Soros and his group are looking at buying radio stations. In a day long ago, most people would see that as a huge problem but another thing that has changed is many news consumers pick a “right” side and then listen to those who back up their position rather than seek out the truth. Both sides do this and it is what’s gotten us to this place in history where there are no lines between truth and fiction as long a you can find enough people to agree with you and scream louder than the guy next to you.

Last night we watched a movie about a school shooting in an Amish community back in I think 2005.

The way this community embraced the killers wife and kids and truly pushed deeply into forgiveness brought tears to my eyes.

It revealed a faith in God that surpasses all understanding and gave peace to both the killers family and to the family of the young girls he murdered.

I choose to believe the times we are living in are orchestrated by God.

He’s weeding out the wheat from the chaff.

What do you really believe?

Are you thinking through your ideas?

Can you forgive those who trespass against you?

If we don’t how effective can we be with what is coming our way?

Jordan Peterson had a great line in an article I posted yesterday.

The idea swooped over a lot of peoples heads.

“It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

He said sometimes you have to be a monster and then learn how to control it.

Like the little house in the picture you can look at it as barley standing and weak or you can see it as a testament to the fortitude of standing against the elements and surviving the test of time.

Sometimes to love means you have to confront.

Maybe now is the time to sit alone on the prairie as we move against the grain.

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