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SO What!

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It’s Not Gonna Kill You….So!

I heard something the other day that shifted my paradigm.

A guy was talking on a podcast about all the nasty keyboard warriors out there and the damage and control we let them have on our lives and our culture.

He said “when someone writes on my page about how wrong I am or what I should or shouldn’t do I respond with,……So!”

Yeh, So.

What you think of me in the big picture means nothing.

It’s not like you will be at my memorial service.

I don’t know you and even if I do and you say nasty stuff to me, that doesn’t change or rock my world.

We have so much wrong in our nation right now.

Those in charge are purposely dividing us.

Yesterday our president, who is questionably at the helm of this ship, is running for office again.

A recent poll shows 60% of his party don’t want him to run, yet he’s running.

The only thing he seems to be able to run is our country into the ground.

I have the right to say what I see.

II don’t have to ride a fence or tiptoe for fear of hurting your feelers.

I have an opinion and it’s well thought out and not based on fear but critical thinking and opening my eyes to stupidity.

You don’t have to agree with me.

I bet the Democrats, even though they know he’s a complete failure as a leader, will vote him again.

He could be dead and propped up like a computer image and they’d still vote for him.

The New York times this morning questions “where is the president?” How do you campaign when you hide from the public and the media. Yet, still, Democrats will rally behind him out of blind fear of Donald Trump.

It says a lot about our system when we have two men running for the top office that will be close to or in their 80’s. I’m not gonna hedge I think Trump did a hell of a lot more for this country that Biden. I won’t list the reasons but most connect to my pocketbook and our security as a nation. Biden has destroyed us and divided us more than Trump ever did.

So you don’t have to agree with me.

You can think I’m all wet.

You can call me names, which is so typical of the left leaning but my response to you will be the same.


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