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Risking Everything On Principles

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Guy walks into a bar in Montana. Orders water and starts playing pool by himself. It’s a Saturday night and pretty slow at the Saloon.

Kathy and I get into a conversation with him.

His “sir” and “mam” are a dead giveaway that this kid was in the service.

An hour or so later his story comes out, too much to be told here.

(We’ll interview him on the podcast soon)

His military career plan ended when he refused to take the jab.

Now he’s in Darby Montana figuring it all out.

We connected with this 22 year old in so many ways.

It’s refreshing to be around people willing to leave everything behind over principles.

It doesn’t have to be COVID it’s folks tired of the pace of life, it’s folks leaving behind careers that are eating them alive. Honestly it’s just people willing to climb off the merry-go-round and try something new.

Leaving doesn’t have to be a physical thing in fact I see it as mental.

You can stay right where you are and make the changes to separate you from who you were yesterday so you can become who you want to be tomorrow.

It’s just easier when you swap locations. 😂

Dang, we’re headed for some exciting times you and me.

We can allow others to tell us how to do it or we can push forward, take a risk and do it our way.

Oh, and don’t expect the unwilling to like your choices.

They don’t seem to appreciate it when some of us say “enough, let me off here”

Have a great Sunday.

Oh don’t forget to register to vote the deadline is Tuesday.

Oh, a change is coming.

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1 Comment

Congratulations to this young man for having integrity enough to stand on his principles. God will take care of him and reward him for it. -

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