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Restless Soul Syndrome

Restless Spirit Syndrome

My soul is at peace but my spirit won’t rest.

The dam has been breached as the truth pushes back against evil forces and their desire to control.

It’s uncomfortable at first.

The realization that we’ve been lied to first shows up as anger but manage that anger and it becomes a weapon for change and your super hero power.

I watched the “Died Suddenly” documentary on Rumble last night and got mad.

Oh, it doesn’t surprise me, not in the least.

After the first month living in the manufactured “Dark Time” Kathy and I knew in our spirit something didn’t add up.

We stepped over every line they drew because stupidity is not a place we can live for long. Truth is too powerful and at the first sign of manipulation we bolted, not physically but mentally.

It is hard for us to understand how easy culture was manipulated. Now seeing this film nauseates me at the big fat lie and how it was used and how many died and will still die because of the misinformation.

This is not about whether the dark time was real or not. We do not deny it happen or that it was serious but question the reaction as being absurd and way over the top.

We are disgusted by how the legacy media was the biggest sheep and so many blindly followed. We once trusted them to dig and ask hard questions but their puppet strings are now exposed and their value is that of hot air.

There’s plenty of shame to go around and still believers will discount the questions raised, why? I do not know that is something I have not understood from the start. People I know who are educated and questioners simply followed the leader.

As the truth surfaces we will stir in our seats and wonder how we let this happen. I guess the take away is never again. We must do a better job of listening, reading between lines, questioning authority and when it comes to trust, be more careful.

As I think about the victims from the film I’m saddened. I think we owe it to them to dig deeper and push harder for real answers. We need to know what happened and why and keep asking until we get the truth.

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Nov 23, 2022

I did watch this film. I believe in questioning those in authority and in questioning those who "KNOW" that the authorities are lying to us and conspiring against us. For me this film tries to create anxiety and fear (opening footage of historical events that seem to have nothing to do with the topic.) I think it is as short on proof as it accuses the scientific community of being.

I note that the film is followed by print ads for people wanting to sell us stuff so they can make some money from the anxiety and fear they hope to create-gold, silver, supplements, weight loss, CBD-and for me this is a weakening of their argument. (As you used to…

Replying to

All of your posts clearly indicate that you don't question anything. Grin...

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