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Refreshing Tennessee

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Refreshing Tennessee

More than 2,000 people are at the conference Kathy and I are attending in Nashville, Tennessee.

People from all walks of live, old, young and everything in between.

To open the thing up they took all of us to a show at the Grand Ole Opry, next to the resort we are staying at.

The show was good but the highlight was this 82 year old harmonica player.

Man, this guy could play and he was so charming the crowd loved him.

When his performance ended everyone in the room jumped to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. He walked back on stage a bit stunned and said “you just made an 82 year old man’s night.”

As I sit five stories up on a balcony looking down at people rushing to get to the conference early to get a seat, I’m reminded these are all small business owners like us, looking for ways to better their businesses. I heard a stat last night that small businesses make up 52% of all business in the United States.

These are people who made it through the reaction to the pandemic. While the headlines and politicians push social agenda’s the folks walking to this conference are trying to figure out how to better serve…….not some political agenda.

Small business has always been the backbone of this country. It’s too bad big corporations can’t do what we do and instead get all wrapped up in what sounds good rather than doing what is good.

I’m not a big group person so some of this is challenging to me. I’m not a “rah rah” sort of guy and being a reporter much of my life I’m always a little skeptical of movements. But when I look at the people headed to the conference I see hardworking American’s who are not what the media and activists want to call MAGA folks but they are American’s who truly want to make America great again…no labels, not agenda’s, no kidding.

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