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Okay, What Did You Think Of The Debates?

What Do You Think?

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What do you think of the Republican Debates last night? Did you watch?

What did you learn about the candidates?

Did anything said change your mind?

My thoughts are as follows:

For me Vivek Ramaswamy was the clear winner if a debate has a winner.

He commanded the stage, didn’t stick to a script and gave me hope for a new vision for America.

I obviously really like the guy but you watch, the media, especially the legacy media, will bring out their fire power and try to discredit and silence him just like they did Trump because he is not part of the political elite system many of us detest.

I don’t agree with him on everything but he has a vision for America and a business background to get us there.

He sure inspires me more than any of the other typical candidates.

Pence looked like a bully and tried to take credit for what Trump did while Pence was VP

Nicki Haley was tough and called out Ramaswamy for his stand on foreign affairs. She did a great job and he’s got some things to think about and educate himself on.

I think she’d make a great VP or Secretary of State in the next administration.

Ron DeSantis didn’t do well. I think he’s a great leader for Florida but he fails to have a vision or maybe it’s just his personality that comes off really flat.

If it came down to DeSantis and Biden you know how I’m gonna vote. He’s just not a great, inspiring guy.

I think there is one clear winner last night at that’s Ramaswamy. The guy gives me hope for America. I don’t care that he’s young, perhaps we need someone other than 80 year old white men in charge.

After watching last night I don’t know how anyone could support Joe Biden accept for those who only vote Democrat and even that’s a poor excuse.

In my perfect world this race would be between RFK Jr and Ramaswamy. I don’t agree with them of everything but at least they are not afraid to go against Washington DC or the corrupt creatures who run the place.

But it will probably come down to Biden and Trump.

Because it seems we are damned in our desire for comfort and “say’ we want something new but always go back to the same old song and dance.

I hope I’m wrong but at the very least it’s nice to see people like Kennedy and Ramaswamy reminding us of what we could have if we just had the balls to go there.

Would love to hear your opinions.

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