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Oh The Humanity

Oh The Humanity

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If we get too wrapped up in social media it’s easy to lose hope for humanity.

I see fewer people hanging out on Facebook and hope the platforms demise is just around the corner.

FB took what was a good thing and turned it into bad, not uncommon in the world we live in but disheartening none the less.

Perhaps our distrust of social media is a good thing.

Yesterday I spent the day interviewing folks from Alvord Taylor for a new series we’ll be doing for them.

I’ll tell you more about that in the future.

When you sit down with people who communicate on a different level than you do, there’s an intensity and depth you must go to in order to really hear what is being communicated.

Richard, Jamie and Jimmy are eager to open up but I wonder that our world holds them back because our pace is so fast and out of control it runs over anyone who doesn’t keep the speed going.

When I spend time with people like these three something inside me awakens and reminds me to pull my foot off the pedal and slow down.

We live too fast as if we want to the end to come too soon.

I’m convinced life is not supposed to be as hard as we make it.

Simple is so much more enlightening than complicated and yet we seem to complicate everything.

My friend Tim Schley, who works with me, was with me yesterday while shooting interviews with all three of our new friends. When we finished he said to me “You really know how to figure out how to talk with people. You know when something isn’t working and keep digging until you find a way in.”

I think that’s something I learned for over three decades in the Television News business.

Maybe each of us needs to slow down just a little.

Perhaps, rather than focusing on the words coming out of the mouths of others we need to look for alternate messages.

As the world begins to cozy up to the idea of lockdowns and mandates I encourage you to resist.

We saw what it did last time…separate us, turned us against each other….divided us and tried to conquer us.

When it gets hard remind yourself of one simple thing…..”oh the humanity.”

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