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Oh The Crazy Life!

Life Is Meant To Be Crazy!

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Photo: Crazy Mountains/Livingston Montana

I ended up at the Urologist yesterday.

Yes, I got to have my urinary system scoped.

For those who don’t know what that means it starts with a camera going into your body. How they get that camera into your body is something you're going to have to imagine but I think you get the point. Yep, that's where it starts. It’s not the most pleasant procedure but it is fascination to see yourself from the inside out. (that’s for another blog)

Turns out my symptoms are not a blockage or my past cancer or even an infection.

Best guess by the doctor is the aftermath of radiation mixed with too much stress which is creating inflammation.

Too Much Stress?

While waiting for my appointment a local rancher walks up and we chat for a bit. She asks what’s going on because she says she follows my writing and knows somethings up.

Kathy and I talk with her about change, the move, the loneliness of change and despite how hard that all can be, we know this is exactly what our story is/was supposed to be.

But life is less than perfect right now and has it’s challenges.

My son Jake and his wife Grace are in town for Thanksgiving. We went to Bozeman for drinks and dinner and had a wonderful time. We talked about deep things, things that matter and got to know both of them just a little bit better. We need that connection with people who know the good, the bad and some of the ugly.

2024 promises big changes.

We have idea’s and hunches but as this year ends and another one kicks off, the next chapter of our story, right now, is an empty page.

The temptation is to fill that page with words, punctuation and bullet points.

Lists make us feel better and offer refuge from what otherwise is the unknown.

But instead we are waiting for our editor and co-producer to fill in a few blanks.

What I am taking away from this season, is so much of the conversations that fill the airwaves and computer screens are just that….conversations.

Body drama, influencer wanna-be’s and all the vitamins and supplements to turn you into a Marvel Super Hero, make me want to barf.

I need depth.

I don’t need drama.

I need real people in my life not trolls who see my hair, my face or my past as target practice for their insecurities.

It is never too late for a good story edit.

You can make small turns or you can pivot.

You can even make a U turn.

We can’t look at the stories of others and compare.

We should never tell our stories in a way that makes people comfortable.

Instead we push forward and find ways to create the perfectly imperfect story.

Our story.

You want real, you have to get real.

But don’t forget there’s a cost.

And the world is not going to like you for it.

My story may never draw enough interest for a New York Times Best seller. LOL

But if that’s the goal you probably aren’t telling the real story.

Make people uncomfortable, be honest and never use the delete key for the wrong reason.

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