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Oh, That's What That Was!

I Felt Something I Have Not Felt In Awhile

In Butte Montana people refer to the place as Butte America.

Why? This place has always been diverse with people groups and backgrounds.

Butte draws people who aren’t afraid to be who they want to be and at the same time truly allow others to do the same. That last part is the key.

You feel it here.

They live it here.

We went for a day trip to the Montana Folk Festival in Butte over the weekend.

It’s not just folk music but all kinds of music on numerous stages scattered through Butte’s historic downtown.

You walk from stage to stage and hear world class musicians.

But the performance that made me cry several times was a gospel choir.

You have the statue of Mary high on the hill above the city and below this woman and her family holding nothing back as they worship and praise God.

My eyes kept leaking as the music poured over my soul, softening a few places and challenging some of the others.

I felt like an infusion or perhaps stint were being placed in my heart allowing blood that hasn’t flowed from those hard to get to places, to rush in.

I get so much confirmation on our move I almost don’t notice anymore.

Today has been a little rough.

What I know about the “Evil Inclination” is when God ordained moments happen, the evil one brings on the heat to try to take away what was given.

It’s just the way it happens.

The lead singer/preacher held nothing back.

She sang about the mistakes and mishaps in life.

She talked about bumps and bruises and really desperate times.

She was talking to me, to you, to them, to us.

And she sang about that Amazing Grace, oh how sweet the sound, that save a wretch like you and me.

We will go back next year.

There is something in Butte that makes you feel warm.

Maybe it’s the rough and tumble reputation of the place that leaves room for even you.

Montana is just like that and so are most of the people.

Maybe that preacher summed it up for me.

Montana, offering amazing grace to those willing to risk it all to mine for their own pot of gold.

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