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Oh How The Darkness Hates The Light

Oh, How Darkness Hates The Light

I believe the last two years will go down as one of the darkest times in our worlds modern history.

As new CDC guidelines are revealed, what many of us thought to be true, was and still is.

We listen as culture goes deeper into a rabbit hole, refusing to face facts and instead changes the meaning of words to prop up, if only until the next news cycle, another lie. If the powers at be can keep us in the spin cycle of turmoil we have little time to think and only time to react. (not good)

What they understand about human nature is we want to just get along. We sense darkness but are somehow satisfied when artificial light in cast over an issue just long enough for us to forget and move on. There is no longer room to just move on.

But I see change and the light is brighter because the darkness is so dank.

A friend wrote about being in the Oregon Caves and the tour guide shutting off the light just for a few moments. People at first were scared but then got used to it. And then a match was lit and everyones eyes were drawn to the light.

For two years or more the light dimmed and many got used to the darkness. But lately a match, lit at just the right moment, exposed the darkness and continues to grow brighter.

The media, politicians and pundits continue to try to snuff out the light with greater lies and bigger stories. But at some point the audience will turn away and look for the truth. I think that moment is coming but we must stay vigilant and watch as the darkness is exposed for what it is, a lie.

As an awakening begins the pressure to accept the cultural narrative grows stronger but so does the light. It’s up to each one of us to stand watch and support one another as we edge closer to the flame designed to separate the truth from a lie.

We do not have to be silent, in fact, silence has been their strategy. If something feels wrong it probably is, so say something.

There is no room for hiding anymore or riding the wave:{.

I’m excited to see what God has planned.

Nervous, but at the same time, so tired of the darkness anything is better than this.

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We stand on The Rock and we pray fervently and unceasingly. We shine our light even brighter. That is what defeats darkness. The rest is in His hands. -

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