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Minor Celebrity Status Missed

Minor Celebrity Status: A Bonus I Never Noticed.

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When you live your life in the public eye you can be blinded to the benefits of such a lifestyle.

You get used to people knowing you even when they don’t.

Being back in Oregon is a great reminded of those benefits.

Everywhere we go people walk up and just start talking to you.

At restaurants they come sit at your table to talk.

On the street they stop you to say hi.

It’s awesome but it also reminds me why it’s rather difficult to meet folks in Montana.

In Montana no one knows me or my past.

Nobody has a story to tell me and meeting folks happens the old fashioned way, you have to step out and introduce yourself.

There is a benefit to not being known and I experience that in Montana but it’s hard to retrain yourself on how to meet people when you start at ground zero.

Life is one big lesson.

Things come and things go in order that we can grow into the person we were designed to be.

Our experiences shape who we are and I for one would like to get all I can out of those experiences.

I don’t want to be the same today as I was yesterday.

Each day I’d like to see some kind of growth not look back at a stagnant life lived in comfort only to discover comfort was a prison.

As I think about all of this a little voice in my head says “Rick, enjoy things while you can. Don’t wait for tomorrow to live in the present, do it right now.”

Not a bad way live do you think?

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1 Comment

I was in sales almost 50 years. During mt career I was somewhat of a celebrity and enjoyed the feeling. When I was in sales, I was able to go into most convenience store and knew the people there and that too was a nice feeling. Since I have retired, I have truly enjoyed the solitude and time with just my wife, something I did not have while working as I traveled up to 40 weeks a year and was away from home for a great amount of our 45-year marriage. Now, I live in shorts. t-shirts and flip flops. Life is what you make it, and the times you experience are just that experiences to learn from an…

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