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Life's Not Fair Rick

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Life’s Not Fair Rick!

When I was a kid and would say to my parents “That’s not fair” their response was always “Life’s not fair Rick.”

As a human I’ve been screwed, let down and spit on enough to know that to be the case.

But one of the residuals from this whole COVID “thing” that I can’t seem to shake is the unfairness of the response and as more information comes out the finger pointers seem to dig in deeper and “maybe we were wrong” is not even a thought in their minds.

That’s the tough thing about living in community. Unfortunately standard are established and in the case of “The Dark Time”, forced upon all of us come Hell or high-water.

People scream about science, statistics and such but fail to look at anything other than what backs up their cause. As more information exposes the truth and tattles on their lies, supporters of this madness dig in deeper refusing to see anything that says they may have been wrong.

I was talking with a very liberal man the other night on the phone, his story is so interesting about how in the 60’s he fought for freedom of speech. But when I broached the topic of freedom today the conversation ended because in his mind, being able to choose to wear or not wear a mask or vax or not vax is somehow different.

How is it different?

I hear folks say “move on.” But if we do what is so typical in America and move on without learning from our mistakes, we make them again. This whole COVID thing cannot make a repeat performance, look what its already done to our society?

My only solace is picking up the word of God and reading about unfairness and how He uses it to change us and to expose liars.

He speaks of patience of which I have very little and holding on for dear life and I do.

People are waking up to the lies. But I’ve lost some faith in humanity as I see how easily they cuddle up to fear and the need to be right is like a warm comforter as they pull it up over their heads.

This morning I awoke to a 3 inch blanket of snow on the ground. Perhaps a sign that the winter and cultural chill is not over, but Spring is around the corner, yes even in Montana. When things die it makes room for new growth and I am ready for growth.

It’s okay to get a little down over all of this. Humanity is gullible, frail and quite frankly lazy.

So drink your morning coffee, get dressed for the gym and remind yourself you were born for a time like this.

We’ve got this.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert

What "lies" about Covid, exactly?

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer

Oh Wayne, you really need to catch up. You need to find some news sources and no I"m not going to tell you which ones because "folks like you" love to just pick apart my sources rather than find them for themselves. Or, you can just go on believing the lies of the last three years. It really doesn't matter to me.


Your ninth paragraph...maybe that's the key. Our faith isn't supposed to be in humanity. (Yes, I'm probably slicing it thin for some people, but this is what I live by so to me it is a no-brainer.) Our faith, as believers in Jesus as Savior and Lord, is just that: FAITH IN HIM. Not in humanity. It can't be. Because humanity is fallen (see Genesis, chapter 3), and truly cannot be trusted as far as one human can be tossed. Bless you, Rick. You are definitely bearing fruit.😘


And there you have it.....

the fallen nature of man. - M

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