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Justice Warrior? Really?

Justice: Do You Know What It Means?

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I hear a lot of rattling about justice in culture today but wonder if the so-called warriors even know what the word means.

Justice is the ethical, philosophical idea that people are to be treated impartially, fairly, properly and reasonably by the law.

I would add to that true justice also means treatment by culture.

For those who tout justice for all what about those who don’t see the world as you see it.

Oh, I know you find them ignorant and beneath you but that’s not justice is it?

When one side is censored how is that justice?

When you belittle their ideas because they are “Just” wrong, in your eyes, how can you call yourself a “justice warrior.”

A true warrior for justice would do and say as the pledge of allegiance says. “With Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.”

Justice is not based on sexuality, race, religion or party affiliation….that made you smile or disgusted.

Justice is not justice when a group of people is sidelined for thinking differently and you say nothing.

When the social media giants restrict free speech and you are okay with that you lose your “warrior” status.

People are done with false warriors.

Your words tickle your ears but are nothing more than clamoring cymbals flapping in the wind of public opinion. You don’t want justice for all you want justice for you. Oh, but mask it behind causes.

A true justice warrior fights for the rights of those he or she doesn’t agree with…..too.

The world is waking to the tactics of the false justice warriors. They know you don’t seek justice for all you want justice for your side only. I think your goals started out somewhat righteous but arrogance slipped in and you lost their footing.

It’s ironic how people misuse words like justice and turn them into the exact opposite.....injustice.

Kindness is another example.....unkind.

Equality and equity another.....anything but. Only if you belong in the right "Group."

Maybe people need to go back and look at the meaning of words or stop using them. Instead just tell us the truth. Say something like "you don't matter, your opinion doesn't matter, all that does matter to me is my cause." Don't hide behind justice.

Here’s a couple words culture needs to deal with because these words can’t change….they are Real & Truth.

You can fake it but sooner or later both will catch up with you (as we are seeing in our culture right now).

I think that time is here.

Justice for All…..Yes, for ALL.

Even if we disagree with each other.

No more cheating, no more canceling, no more trying to redefine freedom.

Now go be a true justice warrior…to do so means you have to actually do something real in the name of Truth.

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Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Mar 09, 2023

Also consider that our laws say you are entitled to a jury of your peers. How is an all white jury peers of a black man? Will he get justice? The word justice has turned into the idea of revenge. The “make them pay” attitude. We all need to dig deep to see how we personally are defining words and ideas. Many will be surprised that they aren’t as ‘right’ as they think.


Justice? We have taken the blindfold off of lady justice, taken her scales and thrown them on the ground and made her a political weapon. - M

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