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It's Disheartening To Hear

A Newsman’s Job

(I wrote an article that will appear in this weeks edition of the Broadwater County News. I posted just a short section from it here. If you'd like to read the rest before you comment so you get all of my thoughts you will find the entire article in today's paper. Yes, I'm a transplant and I haven't lived here that long but perhaps that gives me a perspective that you might take into consideration.)

I’ve heard some are calling for a boycott of sorts of the Broadwater County News.

As a former newsman, who worked in the industry for close to 30 years, I’m saddened.

As a guy who moved to Montana to get away from this sort of attitude I’m angry.

As a guy who cares about the truth, I’m writing this article.

Come on, a boycott?

Did you talk with the publisher first?

A newspaper is a reflection, a mirror of sorts, turned on a community so it can see what’s happening.

A newspaper is supposed to challenge public officials, dig into stories some would rather not be told and when facts don’t line up, ask the hard questions.

Tim Ravndal is not perfect.

He’s a former logger learning to be a journalist.

But the guy cares about the truth and cares about Broadwater County.

(Find the rest of the story in today's Broadwater County Newspaper)

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1 Comment

Sep 29, 2023

I’m not sure I can find the story you referred to but happy to see you defending what you sometimes call “legacy media.”

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