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It Is Better To Be Wise Than Right!

It’s Better To Be Wise Than Right

I’m reading this book by a Jewish Rabbi called “The Garden of Peace.”

It’s a marital guide for men only.

But the book is really more than that.

Today the words I used to title this blog popped out like red poppies in a field.

“It’s better to be wise than to be right.”

There is not a lot of wisdom in our world right now.

Truth is also on the endangered species list (even though it’s not really a species).

People often times confuse “common sense” with wisdom.

The trouble with common sense is when someones been lied to enough the sense they have is everyone see’s the world the way they do(or they should) or the way they are being told to see it and so their sense becomes to them “common.”

Wisdom has a cousin, discernment and the two usually go hand in hand.

You can’t be wise without discernment and if I were to define the biggest deficiencies in our culture right now discernment would top the list, wisdom would be runner up.

Discernment is not earned its given by God.

I know, what happens if you don’t follow God?

I’ll let you begin the wisdom journey and figure that one out for yourself.

So many people today want to be right which shows a lack of wisdom.

Life has become one big argument and if you must lie to be “right” that is apparently just part of the game.

I remember when cheating was evil.

My parents used to say “Cheaters never win” but now they do.

Oh, they gain no wisdom but they do win in the battle to be “right.”

I turn 63 today.

Age does not equal wisdom but life experience does make us better candidates.

The problem with wisdom is it comes with time.

Wisdom is born out of great difficulty.

Wisdom is a gift from God, given to those willing to humble themselves and not always be “right.”

The problem with wisdom is you can’t get it by cheating, wisdom is earned and not owed to anyone.

Wisdom is not based on sex, age, and it’s not fair or equitable.

The good news is wisdom is there for all of us, we simply need to ask.

There is a warning that comes with wisdom, the cost is great and once asked for you will pay for it.

There is no government subsidy or 20% off coupon or Youtube video to help you cut in line.

Wisdom, comes to those who don’t have to be right.

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