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In God We Trust?

In God We Trust

Talking to a rancher on our podcast last night made me realize how far our nation has degenerated from a nation that looked to God in whom to trust and now will put that trust in whomever has the best message that lines up with our particular way of thinking.

I heard parts of Trumps speech last night and am not impressed. I watch our presidents words and actions and wonder who’s pulling the strings and why is Pinocchio leading America?

I read the games going on with party leadership and how dollars are spent promoting candidates that suck up, not the candidate who could have one and I’m disgusted.

It seems to me rather than following God we have made the almighty dollar and our ideology, our deity.

Second in line is our desire to be seen as culturally good.

If we follow trends and our feelings we can pitch our tent in the “proper camp” and be safe.

As the rancher and I talked about property rights, population growth and development, again that love of money kept surfacing as the big problem.

Yep, the root of our current evil.

I’m reading economists predictions of what’s to come financially in 2023 and it’s not good.

And to be damn honest it pisses me off.

How one man and his followers, and the poor decisions made and followed, put us, all of us, in this terrible position.

I’m just as disgusted with the other side of the isle for putting political power over the lives of people.

But we are a nation, under God, and when the alleged majority drives the economy over a cliff, we don’t get to jump out of the vehicle we fall with them.

Some of you don’t agree and that’s your right. But more people are being forced to open their eyes as the policies of the hour drive us closer to that edge.

As my rancher friend and I talked on I’m reminded that if it is in fact God whom I trust, there’s a plan twisted and intertwined in all of this.

Wonder if our ignorance is the path to forcing us to choose?

Is it God we trust, a president or candidate, or is it about the money?

Very soon we may be forced to choose.

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An old-time Gospel song voiced these words: "This world is not my home - I'm just a-passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue..." As a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, I'm reminded daily that though I do live here and am affected by it all, I must not be INFECTED by it all. I do what I can to be a Light to others, but I'm looking forward with great anticipation, to the day when I get that new Home He is preparing for me. We've been blinded, year after year, by what others have sold us as "the answer to all these problems"...doesn't matter whether R or D after their names. The root …


It's the age of "ME". Total self gratification. Churches abandoning scripture and selling out to the current social trends and beliefs. Society embracing anything but wisdom and responsibilities. Nothing new under the sun. God will sift His people and the World will eventually suffer His wrath. Satan is having his time at the moment. n the meantime, as for my home, we will serve the Lord and proclaim His name. - M

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