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Here We Come Texas

Texas, Look Out The Dancer’s Are Headed Your Way.

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Kathy and I are headed to Texas.

We jump on a plane out of Bozeman at 1:30 today.

I’ve been there for a layover years ago, but that doesn’t really count.

We’re going to a Dave Ramsey leadership conference.

It’s funny, I’m not a huge Ramsey fan but value what he does.

We went to a conference last year in Nashville and loved it.

Met some like-minded people and learned a bunch.

We also need the tax write off so it’s something of great value and it helps our bottomline.

One of the things Kathy and I are learning about us is we put down roots in Eugene/Springfield for 30 years and that was too long.

We are nomads and need to experience more than that.

For those who live in one place, like we did, it’s great.

But when that no longer works, you gotta get uncomfortable.

We’re even considering a Sprinter Van to travel around the country.

Oh, we’d have a smaller house in Montana, not sure where at this moment, but I don’t want a home to ground me I want wheels to take me places.

We left Oregon because we felt voiceless. We’re more conservative than the average Oregonian or at least those who speak up the most and live in the urban areas.

We aren’t right wing but get called that all the time.

We love our country, love the opportunity it gives each of us and HATE to be told what to do and freedom is a big deal to us, super big.

It was difficult living in Oregon at times.

We had to hide our true feelings.

People made a lot of assumptions about what we believed because they believed it so of coarse it had to be true.

Not so.

We couldn’t say what we really wanted to say.

Oh, and when you get outside the “Blue Corridor” what you learn is there are a ton of people like you who are truly openminded.

When asked by a woman in Montana why I left Oregon she said “It was over the ridiculousness of the pandemic wasn’t it?” She went on: “ I’m a liberal Democrat, I’m a nurse and I did not get the vaccine. The way this was handled was ridiculous.”  I knew I was home. Finally, a place like Oregon used to be. A place where people didn’t judge by party and truly allowed everyone in on the conversation.  That’s not Oregon anymore.

What we value is truth.

That’s a huge problem for the political system, the deep state and our current administration.

I’m not saying Trump is perfect and I think we can do better but under our system this is what we get.

I like RFK jr. but his views on the climate just don’t line up with real science and that makes me leery.

If not for that I’d vote for him.

Okay, we’ll let you know what Texas is like, for us.

Talk soon.


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2 comentários

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
26 de abr.

Sprinter vans (and the Pleasure Way conversion vans) are fabulous. If you get one I suggest don't skimp on the generator. Spend the extra for an Onan generator.


Safe travels and enjoy the like minded conversations! You might want to watch a few You Tube posts from "We're The Russos". They were full time in and did reviews of vans. They particularly liked Storyteller Overland vans - M

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