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Harsh Reminders

Updated: Apr 30

Reality Sets In

I’m on vacation so i’m thinking a lot about my life, the world and what I do.

I’m tired. Tired of all the bullshit, the lying, censorship and mean people.

You get on vacation and realize in six months or five years none of this crap will even matter.

As we hike the rugged terrain of Utah I'm reminded of how great America really is and unlike some today, am not afraid to say it. What is wrong with us anyway? Why is our focus on pronouns and ridiculous policies and not on taking care of issues that impact ALL OF US, not just a select, loud, few.

The world is about to go to war and many in our nation are hyper focused on distractions of which I can’t mention more or I will be banned from the airwaves.

Most American’s could give two “s-its” about what the media choses as headlines (remember they have to keep your attention to sell papers/time/commercials) and just want someone to take the helm and steer the ship and we will.

I heard Tucker Carlsons big “Twitter” speech and am quite impressed. Yes all you “Tucker Haters” will jeer at me and make my appreciation of his speech your weapon, never really hearing what the guy, or what I’m actually saying.

My answer to YOU is easy….”So What!”

It’s time we do our homework and stop arguing over stupid things like natural gas use or whatever else you can come up with to distract us from looking at the solvable problems in America today. The others I can’t mention for fear of censorship but you know what they are.

Truth has a way of tattling on the liars and the liars know it. That’s why they use force rather than debate. That’s why they censor. That’s why they focus on personalities rather than facts, science and real information. Yes, as Tucker put it they are afraid and fear, as we saw during COVID, brings out stupidity and bad behavior and even more disastrous ramifications.

It’s time to get back to being Americans again. Oh, my Gosh does it sound like I’m being patriotic? Stop me before it catches on. Sorry, it already has. We are done with you and your tactics. Done.

What’s the plan? God only knows and I mean God only knows.

But there’s a whole bunch of us who are ready to follow His lead and end yours.

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