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Fighting Against A Turning Tide

What Are We Willing To Put Up With?

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I think we all need to ask ourselves the question: What am I willing to put up with?

This idea popped into my head while watching a couple of movies I highly recommend.

In Oppenheimer, the movie about the scientist who created the Atom Bomb, a senator is throwing the scientist under the bus in front of congress to protect his own skin when Oppenheimers wife says “why don’t you stand up to them?”

In the Netflix mini-series “Painkiller”, about the family who owned Purdue, the maker of Oxycontin, doctors and politicians refuse to acknowledge the deaths of hundreds of thousands to save face. They see the evidence but sit on their hands to protect their reputation.

I wonder what the Netflix series or documentary on the aftermath of COVID will look like?

When scholars look back at the current battle for president will they see equal treatment or bullies run amuck and a government politically motivated as a weapon of ideological war?

And how will the trans sports issue look in the future, or woke-ness or other issues that seem to garner the attention of culture?

You know what I think and there will be a lot of red faces and folks making excuses for their ignorance. I already question why I didn’t say something sooner about all of it.

What about the media in all of this? In the movie and the documentary, the media at least reported some of the failings of the bomb and in Painkiller, the deaths from the drugs.

But in our current culture, the media puts out one side, one story and protects the elite structure of one party.

Today, if not for what some like to call “right wing media” or those of us who refuse to hide facts, you wouldn’t even know the alternate story. And those who refuse to educate themselves still don’t know there’s a bigger story out there.

There are politicians like RFK Jr, and Vivek Ramaswamy who are speaking out in truth. There are podcasters like Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and Bill Maher who are poking the tiger asking difficult questions and giving woke-ness a run for it’s money.

But in some lonely theater you will sit watching the story of COVID (or any number of other current headline topics) unfold and wonder “how did we believe such bullshit?” “Why didn’t I speak up when they fired my friends from their jobs for not getting the jab?” What was I so afraid of?” Why didn’t I speak up about women’s sports, trans surgery for minors, the unfairness of CRT?

Or, you will make up excuses, dust off your shoes and pretend like nothing happened so it can happen all over again.

History repeats itself unless you are brave enough to stare your own ignorance and weakness in the face.

I highly recommend seeing both Oppenheimer and Painkiller.

It’s stuff we as humans really need to understand.



Oh, one great moment in the Oppenheimer movie is when Albert Einstein says to Oppenheimer beware of those who shake your hand to congratulate you because they are not doing it for you they are doing it for them. Think about that for a moment.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 20, 2023

Regarding Covid vaccinations, have you ever stopped to consider what would have happened if millions had NOT gotten the jab? Yikes.

Regarding Trans in sports, this is the one issue I must agree with Republicans. It is grossly unfair for women whom were at one time men to compete with women in sports.


Few have the courage of their conviction when faced with a personal sacrifice if they do.

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