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Faith Isn't About Feelings

Faith Is More Than Feeling

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Am I the only who gets so bogged down in daily minutia that I forget to simply believe?

The world is in pretty bad shape right now.

Staying afloat is on the top of a lot of people’s minds.

As humans and a culture, we put far too much credence on “feelings.”

This morning in my “Streams in the Desert” devotional I read these words:

“Faith has nothing to do with feelings, or impressions, with improbabilities, of with outward appearances. If we desire to couple them with faith, then we are no longer resting in the word of God. Faith rests on the naked word of God.”

There is little I can do about the condition of the world.

There’s a fine line between being involved and allowing the madness to consume you.

As I watch the grass begin to green here in Montana and my neighbor, the farmer, plowing his field for the next planting, I’m reminded simplicity is under-rated.

The same God that created this earth is fully aware of what’s going on and it’s all part of His plan. I have to believe that.

Faith is about trusting God’s word but faith is also an action. Faith takes practice, perseverance and persistence.

I have trust issues, I really do.

I’m not surprised when the next shoe drops and bad news follows.

God is working with me on this character flaw.

People will always disappoint us it’s reminding ourselves the rock with which we stand is not cultural but spiritual.

On our recent trip back to Oregon, Kathy and I received a new understanding of why we are here and not there. I was interviewing a woman the other night who reminded me of the adventure of faith Kathy and I are on right now.”

She said to me, with tears in her eyes, “you and Kathy are truly living life.”

When we forget we are called to stronger faith and lose our focus in the daily survival of life, we put a wall between our soul and its father.

My mug says “Blaze your own trail” but that’s not really true.

It should say “God Is Your Trailblazer.”

And that tagline would be “Hold On Tight.”

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2 comentarios

You're undoubtedly familiar with the scripture verse noting that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1, KJV). IMO, it proves your point in this post. And I'm in agreement: we do not get to blaze the trail - that is God's job. And ours is indeed to hang on TIGHTLY. The ride may be bumpy, even a roller coaster in some parts, but at the end we will look back and see a view like none other! I'm so appreciating your perspective these days...keep it coming!

Me gusta

Applying worldly, human "feelings" to God's word is what is derailing many a believer and church today. Either you believe it all or none at all.........we don't get to pick and choose based on how we " feel" about it. Life is a growth journey with God. Keep hiking on His trail my friend. - M

Me gusta
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