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Drifting Away In Yachats

Drifting Away in Yachats

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One of our favorite spots on the Oregon Coast is Yachats.

It’s a hippy town but not the new generation of hippy.

These are the hippies who live and let live. They may not agree with you but they don’t lean so far left they can’t even see there is a right.

It’s a place that has little room to grow but growth did find them but as of this writing, the town is still laid-back not transformed into some yuppy outpost for California refugee’s. (like most of the Oregon coast has become)

One of our favorite spots in Yachats is the Drift Inn.

It used to be a bar you would walk past and not look in.

It was a rough place that probably had its local following but tourists didn’t set foot in the door.

Now it’s a quaint eatery and bar with food that says we care. It’s fresh and delicious the way food is supposed to be. Yes, when you get the bill the added 20% for a tip may surprise you but it’s worth it. Both the food and the service are the best.

Their menu is eclectic as the town.

Fish, burgers, bowls, wraps, salads….and it’s all good.

There are many good places to eat along the Oregon coast but only a few great ones.

One time a friend of mine was celebrating his anniversary 20 minutes from Yachats. He knew Kathy and I know the Oregon Coast like the back of our hands and asked for a recommendation for a special dinner. I told him to drive the 20 miles to Yachats and eat at the Drift Inn. He did and was thankful for the recommendation.

Try it and while you’re in town check out the brewery just a few doors down.

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1 Comment

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Sep 11, 2023

Great food plus the Inn is a wonderful place to stay.

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