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Do You Think Our Election System Works?

I was talking to a guy who is an expert on elections. He got me thinking and that is a dangerous thing to do in our world/culture today. So rather than offer my opinion I have a serious question for you.

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Cindy Weeldreyer
Cindy Weeldreyer
Jul 21, 2022

Long before vote-by-mail was even an idea, there have been places around the country (most notably Chicago and Louisiana) where dead people not removed from the rolls still voted from the afterlife.

There has always been the potential for ballot manipulation during elections. Years before vote-by-mail in Oregon there was dishonesty in elections. Ask former Lane County Elections Director David Spriggs how boxes of ballots were intentionally hidden and then "discovered" after election day by a very ambitious Deputy Elections Director who publicly shamed him in the media so he would be "reassigned" to a different department and she could successfully manipulate herself into his job. (Rick, you may remember this...)

I was a Lane County Commissioner in 1998, when…


Regarding the election system. It really does rely on trust and honesty no matter how you accomplish the election . If you don't honor those two things it is ripe for manipulation and I believe we have seen that at many levels in the system. Ballots " lost", machines tampered with, recounts manipulated, etc. Our Founders warned us that our form of governance relied on Christian principles and that without them it would fail. Well, we have turned our backs on God and our Republic is falling apart.

Jul 20, 2022
Replying to

I don't see it that way. Our Founders wanted a separation of church and state.

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