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Changes For The New Year 2023

Changes For The New Year 2023

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I need to make some changes for the new year.

No, I’m not doing some new years resolution, I find those to be a quick recipe for failure and I’m not a fan of either.

I’ve had a week off and realize I need some separation between Rick Dancer and me, at least on social media.

I love politics, social change, stirring the pot and giving people a voice but I tire of the nastiness and division it causes so like the statue in the video I’m going to try to separate my social media pages as much as possibly. Yes, I’m going to have two faces. (no that doesn’t mean I’m two faced).

On my Get Real with Rick Dancer page you will find all my podcast shows and all my political and social rants. We live in a crazy, controlling, canceling society and we can’t stop pushing back or the ideological crazies will destroy this amazing place we live.

On this page I will repost articles and news events that inform and irritate but I will keep most of those types of things off my personal page.

So, for those who like that sort of thing, come follow the page and please stay/get involved in the conversation.

Warning: This will not be a safe place because I have haters and trolls who hope to silence us and they need purpose so this page will attract them too. Oh, but one other change for 2023 is I will not put up with bullying and will use the block button much more often. Boundaries are a good thing and for those who can’t be kind, they will be gone. Oh and yes I will be the definer of “kind” on my pages.

On my “What does Rick Dancer Think of that” page will also be some of my more public, political thoughts so you can choose to play there, or not.

On my “Rick Dancer” personal page will be my more personal, deeper thoughts but less on politics and social agenda’s and more on religion, life, people and you and me. So if you tire of my political chit-chat, come here and we’ll try to stay away from that as much as possible.

Also, with our shows we will have a political/social discussion at least once a week, usually on Mondays. If this is not your cup of tea, join us the rest of the week for even more stories about people, lives, places and so on.

I am not going to stop challenging people or myself to ask questions and get involved. Believe me my life would be easier and I could attract more sponsors/supporters if I did, but that’s not me. After what we’ve been through the past three years I refuse to be canceled or silenced by someone else’s failed ideology.

But I think we can also learn, subtly, by seeing the lives of others and watching the way they live and do this crazy thing called life.

My passion is telling the stories of people and lives lived well. What makes me happy is those conversations that take us deeper and I need to do more of that, not just for you but for that soft spot inside me.

On our “That Montana Life” page you will find the truly Montana stories, interviews, food and interesting stories. There will be overlap but my goal is to really separate the pages so you the viewer know what’s where.

So, if it’s politics and social change that tickles your fancy come to my “Get Real Page” and if it’s people, places and the deeper things in life, follow or like my “Rick Dancer” personal page. You can like both but like I said I need to separate me from he as I search for more inner peace and less crap from those who wish only to control the conversation.

Our podcast shows will air on most of my channels but the daily writings may only appear on one or the other depending on the topic.

Welcome to 2023. I have a feeling in the difficulty we’re gong to discover some amazing life lessons together.

Looking forward to it.

Rick Dancer & Staff.

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I think that's fair, Rick! And I'm eager to see how it shapes up. I personally am all over that Rick Dancer the stories and the "personal" vibe you have. It's what I always enjoyed about your TV days as well. Even though I didn't live in Eugene, I always loved tuning in to you when I visited my family there. You do have a real gift for interviewing folks in a way that puts them at ease and gets their stories "out into the open"! Go for it!😍


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Dec 31, 2022

I think you would have better results if you stop bashing Oregon, so much. Oregon was very good to/for you and Oregon and its people don't deserve what you say about us...

Replying to

Oregonians deserve everything they vote for. The bulk of the voters are complete idiots. The smart people leave for greener pastures - and find them. I took a $10K a year cut in pay when I left but yet, took home $349 more a month the first year in my new position. I own three times the value in real estate than I did or ever could have in Oregon. All of my utilities are far less - garbage, water, electric, gas, etc - all far less here. The people here are friendlier, actually tolerant of others' beliefs and everyone truly gets along for the most part. I live in the second safest big city in the country. The…


This is the only page of yours I come to as I don't do any of the other social media sites you mentioned. I was a little unclear on what to expect here going forward. I guess I shall see as it unfolds.

I used to have FB but decided several years ago, to stop supporting a platform whose operators were actively working against my best interests.

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