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Blindness Is A Choice

Blindness Is A Choice

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Im doing a live online last night when someone comes on and starts poking me with questions designed to start a fight.

We live in a world comforted by fear and I can’t understand it at all.

You can’t argue with stupid nor do I have any reason to.

He pushes and pushes and finally I hit the “Block” button and his voice is silenced.

There are things I say I hate.

But never has that hate devoured me or blinded me the way I see hate ruling an entire group of people.

I’m a marketer and me-d-ah guy so I understand the power of words and prop-ah-ganda but never have I experienced anything like what is going on right now.

I’m choosing my words carefully as not to tip off the “bots” that throttle this type of content in and effort to man-ip-you-late the message.

Why this sort of Cents-Or-Ship doesn’t frighten even my most L1bra1 friends, surprises me.

I used to give folks the benefit of the doubt but have decided Blindness is a choice.

I can honestly say I would not want those who disagree with me to lose their voice, never.

But I won’t be Sy-Lenced by their ignorance either.

Today I read a headline about the person in command of our country.

It’s pretty obvious he knew about his offsprings dealings.

And yet, the die hards will continue to ignore what is right before their eyes.

Putting ones head in the sand doesn’t change the True-th.

Blindness is a choice.

And so is opening one’s eyes.

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It has been said that, "In today's truth there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t”. One man's truth is another's lie because we have removed the foundation of God's absolutes. Satan has perfected the art of the lie and gifted it to the world.

The eyes and ears are useless when the mind is blind and deaf to anything that contradicts our belief. Just some thoughts for us all to ponder. - M

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer

Marc you can talk about anything you want God included. Its interesting how the left feels it has the right to express itself how it wants but the rest of us have to live by their hell it. No one, not even mr Gilbert will shut me up and don't let him stifle your conversation either. He's not a bad guy. We've actually agreed on a few things but the progressive indoctrination is pretty strong and some can't resist its lure.

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