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A Storm Is Headed Our Way

A Storm Is Headed Our Way

There’s a storm heading our direction and it feels like it might be a big one.

Storms are times of testing and in America today, we probably need a spotlight shone on the hypocrisy an evil undermining the very foundation of our society.

When storms blow in they often create new paths but in order to do so the old must be destroyed.

For those who fail to pay attention a storm can surprise them and when not prepared the damage much worse.

For too long Americans have hidden from the erosion of right and wrong.

Even writing those words on a computer screen I understand some who read them will recoil because anymore the lines between what is good and what is not are so blurred many have come up with their own “personal” definition which is awfully convenient and removes all guilt.

But the fact remains one is good and one is evil.

I wake up some mornings wondering when is it going to end. I fill up my trucks gas tank the night before never certain prices won’t go up a dime a gallon when the sun comes up.

The cost of basic items continues to soar and waiting for a meal at a restaurant takes twice as long because our leaders have rewarded people for not working.

I hear what seems like many, buying into the narrative of the day, ignoring what is probably coming. Ignorance is only bliss until it catches up with you.

When you wake from your slumber it’s usually too late, the storm is here and you are unprepared.

So on a rainy Montana morning my mood is a bit gray, the same color that falls between black and white.

l used to have more room for gray areas but find black and white much easier to read.

I’m a big believer in the idea of God being in charge. The storm is no secret to Him and if it comes I trust He didn’t necessarily cause it but it has His stamp of approval.

The only thing I can do is prepare and continue to talk about the things that come across my desk.

I can take care of those around me and that means my community too.

I will also put less effort into explaining myself because as a storm approaches few are really listening just making up excuses for what’s about to happen.

I’m posting this interview with two historians from Butte Montana. I find a lot of clarity in their words I hope you do too.

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