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A New Focus

Stop Throwing Pearls To Swine

Last night I realized something.

I was producing a podcast with Tabitha at Compton Family Wines.

I threw in an old video of Kathy and me and Shawn Listen riding the McKenzie 242 highway on bikes.

It’s a trip we took every year.

As I watched, it choked me up which is the video you are watching with these comments.

After the show Tabitha wrote me and said “I think you should do a show or a few shows about all the things that you have done. I want to know more about your farm days”. She went on to say: “You have so many people that connect with you. Even learning about how you Dealt with cancer And the things you Learned or people that inspired you.”

Her words are like God whispering in my ear, Rick, just go be who you are and leave the swine behind.

I need to get back to writing and talking about personal stories that matter to me, without worry of the social media gods or trolls and haters digging into or criticizing my personal life. I’m tired of measuring what I say. Good night I’ve had to do that my whole life in the news business and I’m not going to do it anymore.

I’m sad to say I’m going to be more closed in public, but I’ll still push envelopes because that’s what the trolls are trying to stop and they don’t get to win that one.

My hope is some of my old more liberal friends will feel more comfortable talking in a more private place and we can, as a rabbi recently said in a book I’m reading “it is better to be wise than right.”

So here’s what we’re gonna do.

Tim Schley is working with me to help beef up our website.

Part of the reason is Facebook is messing with our numbers.

One month we reach 500k accounts, then 200k then jump up to 2.2 million accounts and the next month 300k.

So they are obviously playing with the numbers and don’t like my content.

It’s called throttling you back but actually it’s cheating and censorship so we need to find a home where they can’t play god.

So from here on out we’ll save the best stuff and the more personal revelations for you, the people who choose to subscribe (for free) to our webpage.

Oh, we’ll still do the public shows but the more edgy, personal, controversial topics will be watered down for the general population and more real for those who subscribe. If we have a controversial, non-fact checked interview (LOL) you’ll find the juicy stuff on For the general, more sensitive audience, we’ll have a “softer version” so we don’t hurt their feelings or get FB up in our face. Besides, much of social media is dying off, the numbers worldwide show people are tired of the censorship and are looking for real.

So if it’s real you want let’s go get it.

I’m super excited about the change and will be able to bring you more of the kind of content I want to do and weed out some of the trolls and negative Nancy’s (sorry Nancy) who just want to use my audience to spread their causes.

So go to and subscribe.

It’s interesting, I used to believe in letting everyone into my world, but it’s pretty obvious a segment of the world is living in a delusion and I’m not willing to open myself or my life up to such toxicity.

So I looked up the word Delusion: “an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.”

It’s time to step away but not out of the conversation.

That’s what they want.

Instead we just take the “in depth” most “Real” part of the conversation to a platform that refuses to censor and really wants to hear what you have to say, not tell you what to think.

What do you think?

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