Weekly Schedule - July 12 - 16

Get updated weekly with our upcoming shows! From established organizations, businesses big and small, to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, there's something for everyone every day on Get Real with Rick Dancer!

Okay, we are back.

I know, Dancer takes a little vacation and now it’s time to get back at it with our weekly shows Monday -Thursday (usually at 5pm)

Monday at 5 pm:  CrisDental Family Dentistry is a huge supporter of our local police. Michael Bratland is troubled by the whole “Defund The Police” thing and asked me and Kristy Killcullen, wife of Eugene Police officer Chris Killcullen, who was killed 10 years ago by someone he pulled over in a traffic stop, to be on a “Back The Blue” billboard series that went up July First. We’ll talk about why we did it.

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Tuesday at 5 pm:  Elements Health Clubs Lane County see exercise and fitness as more than a club but instead a lifestyle. We’re going to introduce you to Zach Childers, a young man who experiences Downs Syndrome who changes his life becoming a big time weightlifter. This guy is a stud and fun to talk with.

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Wednesday at 12 pm:  Matt McCarl from New Leaf Hyperbaric’s and Wellness just got back from a conference on oxygen therapy and will share why hyperbaric’s works so well.

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Thursday at 5 pm: A Black man joins us to talk about his approach to equity and inclusion. He has a plan that's heavy on the positive and something not being talked about much in the headlines.

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Friday at 5 pm: Comedian Rudy Tyburczy join us to talk about what the last 14 months have been like for him. He's got an interesting perspective and will make you laugh. We had him on right after COVID broke out and he will help us laugh a little.

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