Weekly Schedule - April 19-22

Get updated weekly with our upcoming shows! From established organizations, businesses big and small, to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, there's something for everyone every day on Get Real with Rick Dancer!

Monday at 5 pm:  Janyce Iturra, mother of Aaron Iturra who was murdered back in October of 1994 appears on an upcoming oxygen network special on the woman charged in his death. We will talk with Janyce about the production, her son and how she feels knowing the woman referred to as “The Gang Mom” is back living in the community.

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Tuesday at 5 pm:  April is Autism Awareness month and we are going to reintroduce you to a woman who is on the spectrum, understands what that means, and gives such amazing insight into this condition that it will blow your mind and might change your attitude.

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Wednesday at 5 pm: Officer Chris Kilcullen was murdered making a traffic stop off I-105 and 52street in Eugene 10 years ago this Thursday. We will talk with his father about the anniversary, life without Chris and how he feels about the growing animosity amongst some when it comes to the police. 

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Thursday at 1 pm: There is a  memorial at the site where officer Chris Kilcullen was shot and killed ten years ago, we will be live at that event at 1 pm. 

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Thursday at 5 pm:  A new restaurant is open in the whit and Any Lab Test Now is a huge fan so we’re going to take you there for dinner, we’ll at least show you the place.

Sheild Bistro and Catering Kitchen is the spot.

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Friday: No show this week.