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Judi Pictured on left, is younger sister Dana.

We Shared A Womb From The Start.

I’ve never had my own birthday.

From day one and eight months prior I shared my space with my twin sister Judi.

It’s my reality so I never really thought about it.

You share the space in a womb with someone for eight months, pop out and then are left to figure it all out.

We are not identical…god how I hate answering that “stupid twin question”.

Despite the world we live in today she’s a girl, I’m a boy and that means “YOU CAN’T IDENTIFY AS IDENTICAL”

In our early days, my parents say, we were connected.

Once they found us in the unused fireplace on 24th street in Hillsboro, Oregon, talking with each other in baby language.

As we grew, we didn’t connect that much.

Judi is, was a parent pleaser so I took on the opposite role of challenging the parental unit.

Judi was always trying to set me up with the right girl in school.

Usually the nice girls not the hot ones.

I was young and hot was more important than nice in those days.

She got married and allowed me to sing at her wedding.

She moved to a new area, met my Kathy and started her true calling of matchmaking with a Nice, Hot young lady.

It worked.

Kathy and Judi worked together, we fell in love and my twin sisters calling to find her brother a wife, worked.

Lots of shit has risen, fallen and now Judy, her wonderful husband Glen who she’s date since high school have become our friends.

Glen got me a job at Copeland Lumber in Hillsboro, Oregon.

It changed my life and the job made me who I am today.

Glen and Judi get (understand) my sons.

They cheer, pray and hope for them.

That’s what a twin is for.

We do the same for her kids.

I love my other sisters as much but in different ways.

On “Our” birthday I thank God that he allowed two eggs at just the right time (gross my mom and dad had sex) to connect with life.

God knew I needed Judi and I like to think He knew she needed me too.

People ask: are twins connected in a special way?

I don’t know but my sister and I are.

It’s taken time to find that connection.

But yeh, that eight months we spent in the womb connected us in a way we may never fully realize until we do the great passage onto the next thing, the next life.

Yes, we had to look at each others asses for eight months, and Judi was 21 minutes behind me (probably doing her hair) but she caught up.

Thank you God for my Twin.

Happy Birthday Judi.

Love you.


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