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Why Not Nuclear Power?

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Time Climate Folks Look At Nuclear Energy

I remember as a kid when the Trojan Nuclear Power plant in Washington state was shutdown.

I, like many others, was convinced nuclear power was dangerous and needed to be stopped.

Then when I lived in Lane County Oregon, a decision was made to make it a nuclear free zone, whatever the hell that means which is probably symbolic and nothing else.

But new information presented in a documentary produced by Oliver Stone turns the nuclear debate upside down and the environmental community is pushing back to protect its territory (narrative).

Why is it so difficult for the environmental community to change its narrative?

The rest of us live fluid lives where information changes and so do our ideas.

It’s called living life.

But for some reason, whether it’s the nuclear debate or the forest management issue, once a narrative is adopted they hold on no matter what.

I’ll talk more about the carbon sequestering timber issue in another blog but that’s also something the storytellers refuse to come clean about.

In the video connected to this blog, I talk about the Oliver Stone documentary which is where all this is sprouting from.

He said in the interview 60% of young people are open to nuclear energy it’s the people my age who are resistant.

He said the good thing is it will happen out of necessity.

The sad thing is they continue to lie and in the meantime we get farther behind in the damage we are doing to the very environment they claim to be trying to protect.

Truth has a way of tattling on the liars.

Oh how we need a bit of humility to call out our lack of humanity.

The debate goes on.

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Nuclear energy and gas are two of the most efficient forms of energy as well as some of if not the most powerful forms. Those in charge are working for power and control over society not for the betterment of. Our power grids are antiquated and sorely inefficient. We are on the verge of a global conflict and the first thing they will go for is our power grid which will cripple this country and render us vulnerable to anything and everything they can throw at us. instead of wasting money on a currently useless form of transition to electricity. Everything has a place and a purpose. Had we done like others in the world we would be more ad…

Replying to

Sure, but obviously it would mean nothing to you since you apparently think our current system is working and doing nothing to change todays youths attitude towards America

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