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Why Don't We Confront People?

Why Don’t We Confront People?

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Not many of us want to take on confrontation, it can be like riding a bull.

I just read a post where a woman was having trouble with a camp host at a state park in Oregon.

All these folks were chiming in making assumptions so I asked “Did you ask the camp host before you turned in a report?”

She replied saying “no we just turned him in and left it.”

So I l

eft it too.

If someone is really that bad or treats us that poorly, why don’t we simply talk with them about it before we complain to the world.

I”m as guilty of it as anyone.

Alan Beck was one of my favorite news directors at KEZI.

When people would walk into his office to complain about something or someone he would look them in the eye and say “What’s your solution?”

Nine times out of ten they hadn’t thought that far ahead so they had none.

He would say to them, don’t come back into my office to talk about any of this or anyone unless you’ve talked with them first and you have a solution.

I wasn’t in the mood to argue online so I left it.

Think how many misunderstandings we’d avoid if we took real action not just complain?

As I’m writing these words I’m thinking of other situations where I’ve bumbled this up with family, friends and the general public.

It’s not just something we should think about or be aware of, I think it’s something we should change.

I almost wrote “Try to change” but that “Try” gives me an out doesn’t it?

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