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Why Betsy Johnson For Governor?

Oregon needs a leader not another person who wants to be governor. For me Betsy Johnson is that person. I watched her chastise seven former governors at Dave Frohnmayers memorial service over how badly her then party had treated Dave when he ran for governor.

All of them bowed their heads and could not look her in the eye, they knew she was publicly calling them out.

I am bias, I consider Betsy Johnson a friend and she's been there to help me on many occasions. When we needed funds to produce a documentary on the late Senator Mark Hatfield, (a Republican) she was there, with cash.

When I lost the race for Secretary of State in 2008, as a Republican against now Oregon Governor Kate Brown, she was there with encouragement.

And for years I've been pushing her to run like this because I think she is Oregon's only hope of restoring some kind of balance in your state.

I trust her to keep her word. I don't agree with her on all of her positions but I back her. The other day political junkie and someone I consider an expert in the industry Alan Thayer and I had a conversation. This is an excerpt from that video. You can find the entire interview here or on youtube from 8/1/22.

In the end it is your choice. I trust you will not let the past rule your vote but will look to a future by finally striking a blow to one party control in my former state.

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