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When Did Extreme Take Hold

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When Did Everything Get So Extreme?

Ten years ago, Hell, pre-pandemic, if someone would have told you we’d be living the headlines that we are you would laughed at them and said “No Way.”

I read books, fiction books, that talked of current conditions as if they were science fiction, but fiction has become reality and people I never dreamed would “side with nuts” are there.

Someone online this morning summed it up pretty well for me, they said it’s amazing what hatred and fear can do to the human being.

I wonder why me, my wife and so many of you did not succumb to crazy?

I mean that, I really wonder what it is in someones personality that allows that kind of fear and hatred.

Wait though, it’s not just hatred and blindness. They seem to hate so much they can’t see how ridiculous their fear is and what it is they are doing.

I don’t know that it was my upbringing, although I was taught to ask questions and never take no for an answer.

I was bullied to death as a child which I think builds a resistance to people’s ridicule and scorn…..I grew up scorned it only hurts when you let it and you never allow ridicule to pressure you into joining “the camp.”

I do have my fears but society pressure isn’t one of them.

I’ve been described by some, enough, as a guy who is not everyone’s cup of tea so reality is a place I’ve been forced to live so I understand myself.

Whether you like me or not doesn’t change my mind, my opinions or my ideas.

Good facts, solid information and the thing I think missing most in culture is good old fashioned “CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS”

It’s popular to blame the media because they are partially to blame. Right now so many stories I will not name, are being ignored and yet if a guy with really bad orange hair would have done the same thing, the media would be grinding him. Oh, and those of you who hate this man as much as you do, know it’s true and make up excuses for your hate…..go figure….it’s still hate?

I was part of the press. Our job is and was to give both sides of all issues and let people decide. But sometime after 2008 the media decided the public was too stupid to make the “right” choice so the media decided for us. I’m embarrassed by its actions and appalled by the unfairness, the filtering and the bias that pollutes the media.

The other problem seems to be social media. These self-proclaimed gods dictate through algorithms what’s in and what’s out. They censor information, just like the old legacy media, which turns the culture and the conversation in the direction they want.

Despite all this I have great hope.

I see legacy media’s trust level in polls and they might as well hang it up. Only their followers listen anymore. Too many of us refuse to pay attention.

Social media, while still a huge part of culture, is waining.

With my business the views I’m getting on just my website and “non-censored media” is growing while those hanging out on especially Facebook are dropping. People are leaving these channels, in terms of getting their information, and seeking real sources.

I’m watching as the crazy pushes too far, too hard and too long. The public is starting to turn on the messages and their inclusion meters are using skills like critical thinking and common sense to determine what they’ll buy and what they will throw away.

Eventually, cultural monitors will disappear into the air that is a thin as their foundation for their cause.

Truth has a way of weeding out the ridiculous and tattling on liars.

The old pendulum story tells us it strikes too far in one direction so it can even out somewhere near the middle. I pray that swing begins to move back to normal and away from the extremities of crazy.

It starts with you and me speaking up and speaking out and standing up for what is true.

I’m against no one or their ability to do as they wish ,but when you make the game unfair I will fight back.

I hope you will too.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
May 21, 2023

"Hate" is a strong word. It's not that Democrats hate the person trump as much as it is that we are very disappointed (flabbergasted) that so many Republicans believe and support his ridiculous lies...

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
May 21, 2023
Replying to

Biden lies more than trump??? Oh, that's rich...

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