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What's Here Now That I Haven't Seen Before?

What’s Here Now That I Haven’t Seen Before

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Listening to a podcast on what makes us happy, the guy being interviewed said everyday he looks around and says “What’s here now that I haven’t seen before?”

Wow, that hit me so deep in my soul I have trouble understanding why.

How often do really amazing, yet ordinary things happen in my day but I miss them.

I’m too concerned with who said what or taking care of business and in my production culture striving mentally I miss moments created by God designed to make me happy.

How many times does God lower His head, shake it a little and say to himself “Rick missed the moment?”

Not today.

We take time to talk and learn about people and in turn learn more about ourselves, our God and this amazing place He’s brought us to.

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Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I AM GOD. That's tough to do at times!!

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